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PA Yamaha Stagepas1K

For large spaces I use the Yamaha STAGEPAS 1K, a powerful portable PA system with its 1,000 W and crystal-clear sound. Ideal for open spaces and with extraordinary spatial coverage performance over long distances, providing clear and consistent audio from the first to the last row of the audience

Richwood Amplifier

For smaller spaces I use the Richwood RAC-50, a versatile 50W amplifier for acoustic instruments. Warm sound, with well-defined bass, natural midrange and well-distributed treble. From the ground or from a tripod

Shure PGA98H-2 Microphone

My main wireless system SHURE PGA98H gives sound quality and freedom of movement. And if necessary, I can also connect by cable

NUX B6 Microphone

My NUX B6 wireless secondary system provides great comfort and portability, with great sound quality and freedom of movement

Boss VE20 Pedal

A BOSS VE-20 adds high-quality reverb, harmonies and delay effects to my saxophones

ElectroHarmonix QTRON Nano Pedal

My latest toy, a QTRON Nano envelope from electro-harmonix, to nuance some solo and leave the audience surprised :)

Pedal Meris Polymoon

A Meris POLYMOON delay, complex, deep and with beautiful effects

Alto and Tenor Saxophones

These are my two saxophones: the alto is a Yamaha YAS-280 and the tenor is a Yamaha YTS-82Z. Each one has its own particularity and this way I can adapt better to the style of each song

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